Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The Making of "Bomb The Burbs"

The boys in Bad Timing and Death of Self are about to unleash Bomb the Burbs, a split EP that is bound to wreck havoc across Suburbia by uniting skankers and headbangers alike. To add to the mayhem, the bands are hosting an EP release show this Saturday, March 25th, that features a lineup with fellow Suburbanites Infinite Knottage, Travesura, and The Electric Excuse Me's. For more information on the release show, check out the event page on Facebook here.

After both of the bands played at Jurassic Park last weekend, I had the opportunity to talk with vocalist/guitarist Spencer Sisson of Bad Timing and drummer Joe Ott of D.O.S about their latest combined release and the progression of each of their bands.

How would you describe Bad Timing’s sound in 5 words or less?

Spencer Sisson of Bad TimingILL SKA FROM THE BLACKHOLE 

You released your first album, Busy Doin Nuthin just a few months ago. What was that like? How is Bombs the Burbs different from that first release?
SReleasing Busy Doin Nuthin felt amazing! For it being our very first release, I think it was really well received. Friske Morris even gave it a good review on his Podcast! That was really cool. As for Bomb the Burbs, I think it will be just as well received. We're really happy with the way it sounds. Nick From D.O.S did a fantastic job with it. I think it sounds better than Busy Doin Nuthin!

Photo Credit: LEAP Photography

As the title implies, Bomb the Burbs has a pretty clear animosity towards the suburbs. How would you say growing up/living in Suburbia has shaped your sound and your direction as a band?
SGrowing up in the suburbs, you'll find that there isn't much to do really when you're a broke teenager. Bad Timing was formed out of boredom. Me and Rob have been friends since freshman year of high school, and have been jamming together since then. Up until senior year, it was just to pass the time. Then we asked Wade (who went to the same school as us) to play bass and it kinda took off from there. 

What are Bad Timing’s plans for this summer? Any specific shows or releases in the works?

SWe are definitely trying to go on tour! I'm trying to get us onto the Bowl Bash at Skatopia! It's been a dream of mine to go to that for years. Playing it would be so cool!

Finally, any specific people/bands/artists/bums in the scene you'd like to thank?

SI wanna thank the bands Death Of Self and Bombflower for helping us get our music out there, and being homies! Also so so much love is owed to all the dads who come out to every show! We would be absolutely nothing without them! 

Your first EP, The Truth, came out last October. What was different about hitting the studio this time around for Bomb the Burbs?
Joe Ott of Death of Self: When we recorded the EP, The Truth, we recorded on a small Tascam 8-track and for this EP, we have 8-input "Studio One" setup. So we were able to use more mics on the drums to get a better sound. Nick has also gotten better with recording so we were able to acquire a more refined sound.

How has Death of Self progressed musically since the release of The Truth?
JCompared to our new material, "The Truth" was written fairly quick because we just wanted to get our name out there and noticed. Now that we are fairly established, we are able to take a step back and take time on our newer material. With this EP, the song structures are more complex with improved vocal melodies and harmonies.
Photo Credit: Death of Self
Photo Credit: Death of Self

You guys have been playing a lot of shows this winter. Any memorable moments? Favorite venues? Upcoming gigs?
JSome of our favorite shows would include playing with Bombflower at the Fallout a few months back. We also played a show up in Harvard, Illinois and got a good reception from the people and were offered future shows, which is always awesome. We also played a show at "The Weenie Hut" which is the jam space for the band The Audio Dead. At that show, this guy was so drunk to the point where he ended up getting kicked out because he peed in the kitchen sink. That was a good time.

Your sound, described as “Bad Religion but on speed” is quite a contrast from Bad Timing’s. What inspired you guys to collaborate on this split release?
JUs and Bad Timing, although stylistically different, we are both around the same age group and are fairly newer bands to the scene. We thought that releasing an EP together would influence younger people to start up bands. We also thought that covering each other's songs on this EP would be a great idea because there has been a lack of stylistic difference at most shows. So we wanted to try to bring different genres of music together.

Any final words for anyone considering coming to the release show this Saturday?
JIf you're thinking about coming out to the show, do it! There will be plenty of copies of the new EP and lots of awesome people. We hope that seeing us and Bad Timing play will influence you to to start a band yourselves, because we can't do it by ourselves.

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