Friday, January 19, 2018

Locals Only Radio ft. Fifty50 Shows

Thanks for tuning in! If you missed this week's show (or want to hear it again!) you can listen below. Check us out live every Thursday from 2-3 pm on iHeartRadio, the Radio DePaul app, or at 

Locals Only Radio: 1.18 Fifty50 Shows

This week, we discussed and played artists that are working with Fifty50, a new non-profit production company in Chicago. Unfortunately, a few glitches in the recording caused a few songs to stop abruptly; we're sorry for this error!

You can also watch the live stream of the show here.

Here's what was played today on Locals Only @ Radio DePaul:

Demon Eyes // Gal Gun
Oh Dear You Smell Fine // My Bad
See Her // The Slaps
Diver, I Hope Yr Not // mtvghosts
Commander // Engine Summer
Flowers // Karma Wears White Ties
Phoebe // Lovejoy
Slice of Life // The Curls
Boys // Beach Bunny
Love Grows // Hala
Blood in the Sun // Spirit Ghost
Heat Map // Pool Holograph
Hawaiian Boy // Triathalon
Dancing with You // Evening Glow
Gummi Shark // So it goes.

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