Monday, March 6, 2017

Melodic Mondays: Ex Okays

Ex Okays is a 4-piece rock n roll band from the South Side of Chicago. The band released their first EP, Friends, at the end of January 2017. This 5-track EP features a unique mixture of a surf rock/garage rock sound, and is perfect listening material as the weather begins to warm up. The band gives credit to the Chicago music scene, the city's culture, and bands such as Twin Peaks and Chicago's own The Walters for aiding in the development of their sound. If you're diggin' Friends, stay tuned for Ex Okays debut full length, which they've promised to release this summer. 

Personal Favorite: She's Gonna Break Your Heart Again & I Wanna Be Surfing
Upcoming Shows: March 18th @ Chop Shop
                           Ex Okays
                           Rev Gusto
                           Hazy Seas
                           The Hustle
You can check out the band on Facebook here.

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